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Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional (Download)


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  • Copy & Migration of System and Data
  • Migrate OS to SSD
  • Support for Major Virtual Machines
  • Recovery Media Builder 3.0
  • Virtualization
  • Clone Hard Disk
  • Automatic Partition Alignment
  • WinPE Recovery Environment
  • Support for USB 3.0
  • Supports Windows OS

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The downloadable Drive Copy 15 Professional from Paragon provides a suitable way of computer migration for any soft and hardware combination, from any source to any target. Featuring many copy and migration options, including virtualization as well as backup and restore facilities, the handy program wizards guide you through the tasks step-by-step.

Copy & Migrate System and Data 
Whether upgrading to new or replacing failed hardware, you can comfortably move your Windows to a completely different hardware platform. P2P (Physical-to-Physical) technology guarantees the startup of your system on a dissimilar hardware configuration. Automatic partition alignment** aligns partitions to ensure drive performance. When copying a partition or a complete hard drive to a new device, you can easily exclude data you want to exclude from the copy process. 1
Migrate OS to SSD 
The integrated Migrate OS to SSD wizard performs fast and safe Windows migrations to SSDs and downsizes to smaller capacity drives. It allows you to separate user and system data from one another and distribute them among different target hard disks so you can make the most out of your space on a new SSD.
Drive Copy helps you to easily transfer your physical system to a virtual environment such as VMware Workstation, Oracle Virtual Box or MS Hyper-V. You can create a virtual clone of your old system and enjoy working with old applications you can't launch on your new PC. Connect VD uses your virtual disk as if it's an ordinary physical disk.
Clone Hard Disk 
Drive Copy creates an exact clone of an existing partition or hard disk. Unlike ordinary copying of HDD data, your program copies user data and also transfers HDD content, including metadata, service structures, settings to a new hard drive. This approach enables the cloning of system hard drives.
Paragon Recovery Medium 
The new Recovery Media Builder 3.0 makes it extremely easy and flexible to create your own personal recovery environment. If your operating system does not boot up anymore, you can fire up your PC with the bootable Paragon recovery environment and load in an existing backup, secure important data or rectify booting errors.
Embedded Recovery Media Builder 3.0 
Instead of two utilities downloaded from Paragon's website (BMB and RMB), the new RMB 3.0 is now embedded into the product
Prepares Linux or WinPE-based bootable environment on a USB thumb drive, in an ISO or PXE image
Requires Windows assessment and deployment kit (ADK) or Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) on Windows 7 and later platforms
Can build WinPE-based media on Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 if there's WAIK installed in the system
Allows injecting additional drivers for storage devices, network controllers, USB controllers, or system during setup
Enables users to set up a network connection with a pre-mounted network share during setup
Prepares hybrid (both, uEFI, and BIOS compatible) 64-bit recovery environment on flash or in an ISO image
Full Range of Copying Operations 
Copy a full hard disk, SSD, or a separate partition and resize a partition while copying
Copy/Restore to Dissimilar Sector Size 
Copy or restore contents of a 512-byte hard disk to a 4k hard disk with no additional actions necessary
File Exclude for Copy HDD 
When copying a partition or a complete hard drive to a new device, you can now easily exclude data you want to exclude from the copy process
Migrate OS to Dissimilar Hardware 
Migrate existing systems and make them bootable in a new hardware environment
Migrate OS to SSD 
Move any Windows OS since XP from a regular hard disk to a fast SSD (Solid State Drive) even of a smaller capacity
P2V Copy / P2V Adjust OS 
Migrate a physical system to a virtual environment in the online mode and make the OS start up after unsuccessful migration or virtualization with third-party tools
V2V / V2P 
Migrate a virtual system from one virtual environment to another, or migrate a virtual system to a physical environment
Connect VD 
Connect a virtual disk as if it's an ordinary physical disk and open up all physical-disk functionality in a virtual environment
Read-Only Mode for Virtual Disks 
Hard Disk Manager is now able to resume any operation with a virtual volume in case of disconnection or any other unexpected situation
Support for Major Virtual Machines 
MS Virtual PC, VMware Workstation 10.0, VMware Fusion, and Oracle VirtualBox 4
Basic Partitioning Features 
Create, format, delete, undelete, hide or unhide partition, set partition active/inactive, set, change or remove drive letter, change hard disk partition label (volume label), convert file systems without formatting, check file system integrity, and run complete surface test
Automatic Partition Alignment 
Automatically aligns partitions to boost drive performance
Boot Corrector 
Fix most system boot problems that result from human or program error
Sector Backup 
Suitable for securing an entire hard disk or a system partition, saving all on-disk information and also the system service structures
Restore Wizard 
You can restore all types of backup images created with the program
P2P Adjust OS 
Make existing Windows installation bootable on different hardware
WinPE Recovery Environment* 
Provides all drive copy functions and supports a wide range of hardware configurations with the option to add drivers for specific hardware on-the-fly 2
Support for Windows 8.1 
Accomplish any operation under Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
Hot Processing Options 
It is highly flexible, improved configuration for two different methods of hot processing: Paragon HotBackup and Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
Support for the HDD Standards 
Enjoy support for AFD (Advanced Format Drive), 2TB+ and non-512B sector size drives
Complete uEFI Support 
Adjust your 64-bit Windows system configured to the uEFI boot mode to start up OS on another hard disk after copy/restore, or in a virtual environment after P2V migration in Windows, WinPE or Linux
Windows Storage Spaces Support 
Copy, backup, restore, or resize Windows storage spaces directly in your program
Support for USB 3.0 
Manage external hard drives by using all the benefits of a USB 3.0 interface
Scheduling for Copy Operations 
Set a time table for copy operations to automatically be executed later
Check FS Integrity and Data Loss Policies 
Specify the acceptable balance between operation performance and risk of data loss
User-Friendly Interface 
The user interface is now fully compatible with the Windows 8 streamlined, tile-oriented interface, offering a Metro-style Express Launcher and a ribbon-based full scale launcher
Supported Computer Bus Interfaces Complete uEFI support
Parallel ATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment)
SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)
External SATA (eSATA)
USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.x/2.0/3.0
IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
All types of RAIDs (hardware and software)
PC or PCMCIA Card (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association)
Supported Storage 2.2 TB+ hard disk drives
AFD (Advanced Format Drive)
Non-512B sector size drives
SSD (Solid State Drive)
DVD+/-R (DL)
Supported File Systems NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1)
Linux Ext2FS
Linux Ext3FS
Linux Ext4FS
Linux Swap
Apple HFS+
Other file systems (in the sector-by-sector mode)
Supported Partitioning Schemes Windows Storage Spaces Support
MBR (Master Boot Record)
GPT (GUID-Partition Table)
Microsoft Dynamic Disk (simple, spanned, striped, mirrored, RAID-5)
For Windows Installation CPU: Intel Pentium or compatible, 300 MHz or higher processor
RAM: At least 256 MB (512 MB or greater recommended)
Disk space: 250 MB
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
For WinPE Environment Intel Pentium III CPU or its equivalent, with 1000 MHz processor clock speed
At least 1 GB of RAM
SVGA video adapter and monitor
For Linux/DOS Environment CPU: Intel Pentium or compatible, 300 MHz or higher processor 256 MB of RAM SVGA video adapter and monitor Mouse
Supported Operating Systems Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home