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Ars Nova Practica Musica CD & Textbook (40 Licenses)


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Practica Musica (40 Licenses) from Ars Nova is a user friendly music theory and ear training program complete with interactive learning for novices and experts alike. 

First, learn to read music by understanding clefs, rhythms and key signatures. Practice by reading single notes then whole melodies (computer generated) first with pitches only then with rhythms also.

Ear training helps the user recognize intervals and chords from basic triads to advanced harmonies. 

Included with Practica Musica is the Exploring Theory Textbook in print and digital forms with specific chapters geared for the software content.

Courses of Study 
Beginner's Course 
Exploring Theory Textbook Course 
AP Prep Course
80 Topics
Notation tools
Ear training and music dictation
Large or small note fonts for ease of vision
MIDI Export of exercises and compositions
Moveable-do solfege
Compatibility PC or Mac